how to make jello shot jigglers

for the 4th, a friend & i decided to make something fun to eat/drink. so jello jigglers it was. depending on how much you want to make, you will need 3 packages of jello (with or without sugar), 4 gelatin packages if you are making jigglers rather than shots to make jello extra thick, 3 cups of water, bottle of vodka (flavored or unflavored)

1. boil 3 cups of water
2. add jello & mix until jello is completely dissolved
3. let cool

4. add 2 cups of vodka & mix together
5. for jigglers, place mixture into glass tray & put in fridge until hardened

if you're feeling extra creative, you can get these plastic siringes (we got them from a local bar) but i'm sure home depot or something would carry them...before the jello cools, suck the jello up through the top of siringe & place in fridge.

end results:

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